A Little About AJ

I am a freelance web and mobile web developer and web designer.

I started programming computers when I was 13 years old, with a course on BASIC that I still remember as if it were yesterday. I was since then always interested in computers and how they worked.

My Skills

Web Frontend technologies
Backend programming in Python, Java, Ruby, PHP, ...
Linux technologies and server maintenance
Graphic Design for Web and Mobile
Mobile Web (Cordova/Phonegap, jQuery Mobile, etc)
Starting with Android development now

More About Me?

On a personal level, I am specially interested in how technology, and specially the Internet, can in the long term get rid of the nonsense boundaries that stop people from truly sharing the resources of this planet.

Other things in my life

Learning. Photography. Mountain walking. Mushroom hunting. Drawing and oil painting. Cooking. DIY. Last, but not least, my wife and my daughter.


Some Recent Projects

Due to NDA agreements I am unable to share here more than a broad description of a few projects. My contribution was very substantial in all of these projects, but I was always part of a team, not the only developer.

Cordova/Phonegap project for Android and iOS. A wide range of libraries and technologies were used for this project (jQM and Knockout among them), plus also customisation of native code for things like geolocation tracking or QR code scanning and generation. It also included multi-user support and an online store.

Puppet web manager. A front end and a very complex backend composed of a django app and a puppet server among other things. The django app reads and writes puppet manifests and activates configurations that are applied to remote machines.

IPv6 network stats. A JS client that is installed in websites and reports back to a server, also part of my work, that stores, analyses and shows stats about the status of IPv6 support for individual connections, areas, networks, machines,...


Get in touch

I am currently not available for new projects, sorry.

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